Fun frozen recipes for dogs

There’s no better time than summertime for some ice cold treats, and your dog will agree when you make these super-simple frozen goodies for them using Weruva dog food and a few grocery ingredients!

2 years ago

Your cat has a drinking problem

Cats are terrible at drinking enough water. As desert creatures by nature, they hydrate primarily through meat. Feeding Weruva wet cat food will help them get the moisture they need. Here's why!

2 years ago

Beef collagen: A rawhide alternative

Poudre Feed is carrying a new product, made in the USA, by Frankly Pet Products. Frankly brings you an honest 100% collagen beef chew that is made from food-grade USDA cattle that is fully traceable to the source.

2 years ago

Mineral-free, pH-optimized water for cats

Your cat can now have its own special water, with a perfect pH balance for urinary health. CatWater is ozonated and chlorine-free with a light rate of acidity, which encourages cats to drink more.

2 years ago

Denver-based Smart Cookie is back

Smart Cookie Barkery dog treats have returned to Poudre Pet & Feed Supply with eight varieties to choose from. Handcrafted from scratch in a Colorado kitchen, they’re made with human-grade ingredients and are free of wheat, corn, and soy.

2 years ago

ChickenGuard controls coop door for you

So what is ChickenGuard? It’s the world’s most innovative automated chicken coop door opener! The ChickenGuard protects poultry against predators and gives chicken owners peace of mind.

2 years ago

Meet Sheriff’s Office K9 Taz

The exceptionally trained dogs that make up the K9 unit of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office are more than mere law enforcement tools. They serve and protect for just as many hours as their human handlers, but they also enjoy a comfortable but disciplined family life at home.

3 years ago

Feeding raw pet food is simple

A healthier, happier life with our animal companions can start with a small change, like incorporating raw into your dog or cat’s diet.

Eating a diet rich in raw, unprocessed foods is just as good for our pets as it is for us. Raw has some clear benefits that cooked, processed foods like kibble or cans just can’t provide—more nutrients with no cooking toxins.

3 years ago

Dog fun at the Whitewater Park

When the city of Fort Collins opened the Poudre River Whitewater Park in October 2019, they created a safe and easy way for people to enjoy some fun in the cool running river water, practically in the heart of downtown. And great news for pet owners, dogs are allowed on leash!

3 years ago

Cat Food Types (Pros & Cons)

When feeding your cat, there are many things to consider. The first rule we like to educate our customers with is the importance of water in their cats diet. In order for cats to thrive, they must consume mainly meat and animal organs, this being where they naturally get their moisture. Being that cats don't voluntarily drink water as often as dogs will, it is super important to take into consideration the moisture content of your cat's food.

5 years ago