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          Here in Northern Colorado, we truly understand that our pets aren’t just pets. They are members of the family! Which is exactly why you are always welcome to bring your dogs with you when shopping at Poudre Pet and Feed Supply. Who truly knows what Fido wants better than Fido, so why not let them choose their treat or toy? Thinking about all the cute dogs that come in our stores made me wonder if there are other places in Fort Collins I could take my dog (since my dog, like most dogs, is not a service dog and does not have any public access rights). I did a little research and here is what I found for pet friendly businesses in Fort Collins:

  • Restaurants!

-There are a lot of restaurants that offer “Pet Friendly Seating.” This generally means you can bring your dog with you but you must sit on the patio (which makes sense as it is a food establishment). Below is a list of the restaurants I found:

  -These are just a few examples that are guaranteed pet friendly, but pretty much any restaurant in Fort Collins is pet friendly so don’t forget Fido next time you are going to lunch! There is no harm in a quick phone call to ask about dog policies before you go out to eat.  

  • Stores.

-There are a lot of stores that allow you to bring your pup shopping with you (and might even have a tasty treat behind the counter):

  -Most people are pretty excited to see a cute dog’s face to break up the monotony of a long work day. I know it brightens up my work day every time!  

  • Breweries!

-Coloradoans are known to be proud beer enthusiasts with a wide range of different local brews and beers to choose from. We are also known for being pet-friendly:

  •    •New Belgium does not allow dogs on tours, but does allow Fido in the tasting area and patio as long as they are leashed and well-behaved
  •    •Horse & Dragon Brewing Company allows dogs both inside and outside on the back patio
  •    •Odell Brewing Company allows well-behaved dogs on leashes onto their patio, and only inside briefly so you can purchase your drink
  •    •Intersect Brewing permits dogs inside to sit with you while you enjoy a nice cold drink. There is also a very spacious patio


  • Treats.

-Fido deserves to treat themselves with special tasty treats just as much as we do. Here are some places you can go get one with your pup:

  •    •The Human Bean offers complimentary dog treats to dogs coming through the drive-through
  •    •Dairy Queen offers “Pup Cups” which is just a small serving of soft-serve vanilla ice cream for your pup to enjoy
  •    •Good Times offers their signature “Pawbender” that consists of vanilla custard, doggie biscuits, and peanut butter drizzling on top
  •    Starbucks serves their infamous complimentary “Puppuccino” if requested. It consists of a small cup of whipped cream
  •    •Inta Juice (by request) serves an ice cream and peanut butter combination that is safe and tasty for all pups alike

-Most all of these treat hot spots do not allow dogs directly inside due to being food establishments, but dogs seem to enjoy going through drive-up windows and receiving treats just as much as us humans do!

Final Thoughts


          Bringing your dog with you places can be very enriching and fulfilling for both you and your best furry friend. It can build your bond up to a whole new level. Fido doesn’t want to stay cooped up at home 24/7. We encourage that you know your dogs limits and be respectful when you are in public with your pooch. Restaurants and stores can be very overstimulating for some excitable/nervous dogs with all the smells and sounds, so start slowly. A helpful tip is to bring treats with you to encourage positivity and keep your dog focused on you. Safety is also important for you, your dog and everyone around, so always be aware of your surroundings. Some dogs might not want your dog to say hi, and not everyone wants a dogs nose up their behind.

          So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy shopping and dining with your canine companion! Happy training


~The Poudre Pet & Feed Supply Team