Dog fun at the Whitewater Park

When the city of Fort Collins opened the Poudre River Whitewater Park in October 2019, they created a safe and easy way for people to enjoy some fun in the cool running river water, practically in the heart of downtown. And great news for pet owners, dogs are allowed on leash!

2 years ago

Keep Your Dog Active In Bad Weather

Winter in Colorado can get pretty bitter, which makes things difficult for some breeds of dogs to stay active. Those of us that have short coat or lean built dogs can struggle to keep them active in the winter. On those days where the mercury is low, what can you do to get your dog some exercise when you can’t take them outside? I asked myself this question as I have a hyper girl who absolutely hates the cold. After a little research I found the following tips that I think are pretty handy, all of which can be done in warmth of your home or apartment!

4 years ago