Your cat has a drinking problem

Your Cat Has a Drinking Problem

Your cat has a drinking problem

Why is hydration for cats SO SO SO important? Mainly, because your cat has a drinking problem. Chris at Weruva explains how feline hydration is different from canine hydration and what you can do to make sure your kitty gets all the water they need during mealtime!


So what's your cat's drinking problem? They’re terrible at it!

It may look like cats are drinking water, but they’re actually just wasting time. What do we mean? Dogs’ tongues curve backward while drinking and scoop water underneath and into their mouths, which is why it’s like there’s a small explosion in their water dish every time they drink. It’s effective.

A cat’s tongue doesn’t bend like that. Instead, they dip their tongues straight down into the water, so it’s like drinking with a butter knife. Very inefficient. It’s so inefficient that it takes a cat a solid minute of drinking for them to consume 1 ounce of water. And what’s recommended for a cat? 1 ounce per pound, per day! Do you think your cat will drink water continuously for 10 minutes a day when it won’t even play with a laser light for five minutes? Heck no.

Cats are desert creatures by nature, even though they may not look like it. But they don't get their water from cactus. Nope, they get it from their prey. A prey animal is about 75 to 85 percent moisture; Weruva wet cat food is about 85 percent moisture. A cat’s thirst drive is environmental, and since there’s not a lot of water in a desert, they don’t have a natural drive to seek it out. Instead, they know they have to hydrate through meat, because it is the most efficient way to get water in that environment.

So the takeaways? Cats don’t have a natural drive to drink water that’s just sitting around, vs. consuming it through prey animals. They do naturally understand that they have to hydrate through meat. And even when they are attempting to drink water, their tongues are really bad at it.

So let’s help them out! Since they need to be hydrated through meat with 75 to 85 percent moisture, then feed them some Weruva. Weruva has around the same amount of moisture as prey animals. That is not an accident. That’s by design! Keep ‘em happy. Keep ‘em hydrated. Keep ‘em with Weruva.


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