Beef collagen: A rawhide alternative

Poudre Feed is carrying a new product, made in the USA, by Frankly Pet Products. Frankly brings you an honest 100% collagen beef chew that is made from food-grade USDA cattle that is fully traceable to the source.

They do NOT use harsh chemical processing and long manufacturing processes that can lead to safety issues. Frankly's beef chews are not made from the top layer of the cow's hide but from the same layer as the collagen powder people take for their health. Collagen can strengthen joints, prevent injuries, and keep your dog's nails and coat healthy. It also has many anti-inflammatory effects and can help with joint pain.

The chews are 85% to 95% protein and never imported. They're sure to make your dog drool even more than typical. As with any chew, your dog should remain supervised to prevent choking.