Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Dog's Shedding

Dogs are our best friend and they are always there to comfort us, but the one thing that often makes us want to bark is the never-ending shedding! Yes, it's a hairy situation but don't lose your cool just yet. Here are five ways to manage your furry friend's shedding so you can keep your home fur-ever clean!

Brush your dog regularly

Brushing your dog regularly is one of the most effective ways to manage shedding. A good brush will remove loose hair, dirt, and dander, while distributing natural oils keeping your home clean and your dog's coat healthy. You can choose a brush that is appropriate for your dog's coat type, such as a slicker brush or a rake. Find a brush that works best for your dog's fur type and make brushing a part of your daily routine.

Bathing Bonanza

A good old fashioned dog bath can also help with shedding. The warm water helps to loosen any dead hair and dirt, making it easier to brush out. Use a dog-specific shampoo and conditioner to keep their skin and coat healthy. Bonus tip: Massage your dog's skin during the bath for an added shedding-fighting effect!

Feed them a healthy diet

What goes in must come out, and this is especially true for your dog's coat. Feeding them a healthy diet full of essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids will help to keep their coat shiny and healthy, reducing the amount of shedding. You can also incorporate treats and supplements formulated to improve skin or coat for an added boost. 

Keep them active

Exercise is not only good for your dog's physical health, but it also helps to reduce shedding. Regular exercise will increase blood flow, which promotes healthy skin and coat growth. Plus, a tired dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog sheds less! So get those tails wagging and go for a walk or play a game of fetch.

Use a de-shedding tool

If you're still finding it difficult to manage your dog's shedding, try using a de-shedding tool. These tools are specifically designed to remove loose hair and dander, keeping your home and dog's coat fur-ever clean.

Managing your dog's shedding doesn't have to be a chore. With a little extra care and attention, you can keep your home and clothes fur-free and your dog happy and healthy. Happy brushing!